Electrical Brownian Gyrator
Kuan-Hsun Chiang (江冠勳)1*, Chi-Lun Lee (李紀倫)1, Pik-Yin Lai (黎璧賢)1, Yung-Fu Chen (陳永富)1
1Department of Physics, National Central University, Zhongli, Taiwan
* presenting author:Kuan-Hsun Chiang, email:khsunchiang@gmail.com
A Brownian gyrator proposed by R. Filliger and P. Reimann in Physical Review Letters 99, 230602(2007) is studied experimentally in an electrical system. The gyrator is made of a capacitively coupled RC circuit influenced by two heat baths. The voltage fluctuation with two degrees of freedom in the circuit is analogue to a two-dimensional Brownian motion. A directional rotation within the voltage fluctuation is found. The circuit acts as a mini electricity generator powered solely by a temperature difference.

Keywords: Brownian motion, Johnson-Nyquist noise, Nonequilibrium statistical mechanics, Feynman ratchet, Fluctuation and noise