The Cepc Forward Calorimetor for Standard Model and Higgs Measurements
Suen Hou1*
1Inst. of Physics, Academia Sinica, Taipei, Taiwan
* presenting author:suen hou,
The CEPC circular electron-positron collider is proposed for operation at √s = 240 GeV and a nominal luminosity of 2×10^34 /cm^2 s for the Higgs boson production primarily through the interaction of e+e−→ ZH. About one million Higgs events will be recorded in a operation period of 10 years, to 5 ab^−1 of integrated luminosity. Precision measurements for Higgs and Z-pole physics in e+e− collisions at √s =240 GeV will require luminosity measurement accurate to 10^−4. Cylindrical electromagnetic calorimeters and silicon detectors are proposed to measure events of elastic electron-position (Bhabha) scattering in the forward low-θ region. The integrated luminosity measured serves as an absolute normalization of event rates.

Keywords: Collider, e+e-, standard model, Higgs