Band-Engineered Local Cooling in Nanoscale Tunneling Junctions
Bailey Hsu1*
1電子物理系, 交通大學, Taiwan
* presenting author:Bailey Hsu,
By a proper design of an asymmetric tunneling junction with two different electrodes,substantial local cooling can be achieved when the bandwidth of one electrode is
comparable to the energy of the phonon. The unusual local cooling is caused by the narrowed bandwidth in one electrode, which obstructs the inelastic scattering processes for heating. We demonstrated that a range of cooling and its local minimum can be optimized and controlled. This demonstration could provide significant insights useful for the design of smart devices, with regard to being self-cooled to improve stability, energy consumption, and performance. As bandwidth of the material can be engineered through doping, this band-engineered approach offers great advantages such as controllability, wide applicability, and easy implementation in experiments without the need to match a specific potential with certain nano-structure configurations, as proposed in literature. Local-cooling phenomenon is meritorious to stability and performance of electronic devices.

Keywords: local temperature