Towards Precision Laser Spectroscopy of Lithium 2S-3P Transition
Yao-Chin Huang1*, Li-Bang Wang1
1Physics, National Tsing Hua University, Hsinchu, Taiwan
* presenting author:Yao-Chin Huang,
The lithium 2S-3P transition has relatively narrow linewidth of only 754 kHz and is suitable for testing QED atomic calculation using laser spectroscopy. We present our progress towards laser spectroscopy of lithium 2S-3P transition in a collimated atomic beam. Laser radiation at 323 nm is produced by frequency doubling of 646 nm laser system, whose frequency is stabilized to iodine saturation spectroscopy. Laser-induced fluorescence of the lithium transition is observed. Our main experiment scheme is similar to the previous setup. A microwave counter determines the beat frequency between two lasers. The absolute frequency of the lithium transition can then be determined by measuring the iodine laser frequency using an optical frequency comb.

Keywords: Lithium, Spectroscopy, UV laser