The Formation of Supermassive Black Hole Binaries in Galaxy Mergers
Yu-Heng Ho1*, Ing-Guey Jiang1
1Institute of Astronomy, National Tsing Hua University, HsinChu, Taiwan
* presenting author:Yu-Heng Ho,
Supermassive black holes(SMBHs) are one of the essential part of the galaxies. Using the mass relations between SMBH, stellar mass, and dark halo based on both theoretical works and observations, we've built up more realistic galaxy models for N-body simulations to investigate the formation of the supermassive black hole binaries(SMBHBs) during galaxy mergers. The formation timescales as well as the orbital evolutions for different impact parameters and different mass ratios has been shown, also the resulted surface density of the merged galaxy is discussed. SMBHBs are one of the main sources of low-frequency gravitational waves, which can only be detected by space-borne detectors such as the future LISA project or through pulsar timing arrays(PTAs), knowing more about the host galaxy properties could be helpful towards pointing out potential sources for future observations.

Keywords: Galaxies, Supermassive Black Holes, N-body Simulations