Challenge to Emit Low Energy Photon in a Medium or High Energy Ring
TingYi Chung/鍾廷翊1*
1Magnet group, National Synchrotron Radiation Research Center, Hsinchu, Taiwan
* presenting author:TingYi Chung,
To emit low energy photon at a medium or high energy ring, the on-axis heat load on the beam line optics is one critical issue. In addition, the heat load on the bending chamber in the ring is the other issue, especially at the vertical and circular polarization mode. In this work, we evaluate heat loads on various undulator structure, like as the Knot APPLE and APPLE II, to emit 10 eV photon at 3 GeV TPS. Under the constraint, the heat load analysis, synchrotron radiation performance and features at various polarizations mode are presented. The beam dynamics effect is also studied in the work.

Keywords: APPLE II, Knot APPLE