Quantum Chinese Chess: Gamification of Quantum Theory in Taiwan
1Department of Physics, Chung Yuan Christian University, Chungli, Taiwan
* presenting author:Li-Yi Hsu, email:lyhsu@cycu.edu.tw
How to put quantum physics into popular science education? Maybe the gamification of quantum theory is a good starting point. Early in this year, quantum chess project has succeeded in crowdfunding $32,607 with 804 backers in Kickstarter. Inspired by its slogan “anyone can quantum”, we have developed the quantum Chinese chess as the first step of gamification of quantum theory. As a teacher of quantum physics, all students have been invited to “play the game”. In this report, I will report (i) my evaluation of teaching quantum physics via gamification, and (ii)the responses and evaluations from the students as players. Potential applications in promoting quantum science to the public are also discussed.

Keywords: gamification, quantum information