Graphene Defect Formation During Cvd Growth
Hao-ting Chin1*, Ching-Hua Shih1, Ya Ping Hsieh1, Mario Hofmann2
1光機電整合工程研究所, 國立中正大學, 民雄鄉, Taiwan
2材料工程系, 國立成功大學, 台南市, Taiwan
* presenting author:Hao Ting Chin,
The synthesis of graphene by chemical vapor deposition (CVD) has shown the promise for producing material at large scale. Optimization of the CVD process for enhancing graphene’s quality is a focus of ongoing effort but little progress in understanding the origin of structural defects has been made. We here investigate the kinetics of the defect formation process during CVD growth. Control over the graphene growth process was exerted by utilizing confinement effects in narrow pores. A 100fold variation of graphene’s growth rate with pore size was observed at constant process parameters. Statistical analysis of Raman spectroscopic results show the impact of graphene growth rate on its defectiveness. We observe a surprisingly high rate of defect formation that is counteracted by a defect healing step. Our results suggest that low growth rates are required to form high quality graphene which is confirmed by a twofold enhancement in graphene’s carrier mobility upon optimization of the growth rate.

Keywords: CVD graphene, mobility, defect, growth rate