Flexible Triboelectric Nanogenerators
賴盈至1,2*, 王中林2
1材料系, 中興大學, 台中, Taiwan
2材料系, 喬治亞理工大學, 亞特蘭大/喬治亞州, USA
* presenting author:Ying-Chih Lai, email:lai423@gmail.com
The development of wearable and large-area energy harvester and self-powered sensor has received great attention due to the increasing needs in the development of sustainable and autonomous wearable technologies. Here, a new class of triboelectric energy harvester and its uses in textile-based energy harvesting and thread-based self-powered sensing have been investigated. The energy-harvesting device composed by a polymer-coated conductive matrerials can scavenge energy during the contact with skin. Highly stretchable and scalable energy-harvesting triboelectric nanogenerator was realized for extracting various kinds of human-motion energy. The scavenged energy was capable to sustainably power up a commercial smart watch. Moreover, the triboelectric nanogenerators were proposed in various kinds of uses in fabric self-powered active sensing, including gesture sensing, human-interactive interfaces, pulse monitors, wireless wearable keyboards, and smart beds. The results show that the newly-designed energy-harvesting nanogenerators with the advantage of interactive, responsive, sewable, and conformal features, can meet application needs of a vast variety of fields, ranging from wearable and stretchable energy harvesters to intelligent cloth-based articles.

Keywords: nanogenerators, green energy, flexible, wearable, energy harvest