Electronic Skins for Deformable Power Source and Fully-Autonomous Conformable Electronic-skin Applications
賴盈至1*, 王中林2, 陳永芳3
1材料系, 中興大學, 台中, Taiwan
2材料系, 喬治亞理工, 亞特蘭大/喬治亞州, USA
3物理系, 台灣大學, 台北, Taiwan
* presenting author:Ying-Chih Lai, email:lai423@gmail.com
Inspired by the skin function of electric eel, we present the first mechanically durable and resilient electronic-skin device with unprecedented features of ultrahigh omnidirectional stretchability and capability to produce energy in different extreme mechanical deformations. The innovative device can be adaptive on various desired non-planar and irregular objects, including human bodies, spheres, and tubes, etc., and act as power sources for other electronic components. The device was realized through composed of intrinsic stretchable and durable nano components that enable the device to generate electricity from tapping or skin touching despite under various deformations. Based on the durable materials, the nanogenerator is biaxially stretchable over 300% strain. Even experiencing severe tearing damages, the device can still function as an effective power source for the load. Moreover, the energy produced has been demonstrated to be able to sustainably power a commercial smart watch. Based on the electric eel skin-like device, we further demonstrated the first fully autonomous and self-powered adaptive e-skin system that can map touch by responding to visual light-emitting diode (LED) signals without the need of external power supply. The work presented here are timely and beneficial for the development of deformable and wearable electronics and self-powered wearable electronic systems.

Keywords: bio-mimic , electronic skin , nanomaterials, wearable electronics, flexible electronics