Novel Zero-Bias Anomalies in the Chiral Molecule-Superconductor System
Wan-Ju Li1*, Ting-Kuo Lee1
1Academia Sinica, Institute of Physics, Taipei, Taiwan
* presenting author:Wan-Ju Li,
The chiral molecule (CM) has been attracting much attention due to its potential ability to be a
spin- lter in the spintronic applications. It is widely believed that an e ective spin-orbit coupling
(SOC) is generated by the chiral geometry of the CM. Recent STM experiments1 show that various
types of zero-bias-anomalies (ZBAs) were observed on the superconducting Nb substrate upon the
absorbtion of the CM layers, implying the appearance of novel triplet pairings. In this work, we study
the superconductivity in the CM-superconductor system, which breaks the inversion symmetry. By
examing the Andreev bound states, we discuss the ZBAs observed in experiments as well as the
corresponding mixture of the singlet and triplet pairings.

1 Hen Alpern et al., New Journal of Physics (2016)

Keywords: superconductivity, zero-bias anomaly, chiral molecule, noncentrosymmetric