Collective Motion of Self-Propelling Active Particle at Mesoscopic Level
Chong-Wai Io1*
1Dept. of Phys., National Chung-ChenċœŸUniversity, Chia-Yi, Taiwan
* presenting author:Chong-Wai Io,
Active particle system with tunable self-propelling strength could be one of the simplest non-equilibrium system beyond the passive Brownian particle system. In this report, through numerical simulation of coupled Langevin equation at over damped regime, how the self-propelling strength makes it away from equilibrium, how self-propelling strength affects mesoscopic collective motion, and how the collective motion couples to the micro structure will be discussed. Furthermore, at high packing density, it is found that such system does not always tend to disorder phase as increasing the propelling strength.

Keywords: Active particle, Coupled Langevin equation, Mesoscopic collective motion, Non-equilibrium system, Brownian motion