Enhancement of Fluorescence with Periodical Arrays of Silver Nanostructures
Di-Wei Song1*, Wei-Zi Huang1, Hung-Chih Kan1
1物理所, 國立中正大學, 嘉義縣, Taiwan
* presenting author:DI WEI SONG, email:batista11911@hotmail.com
We investigate the effect of silver nanostructures on the fluorescence of Cy3 molecules. We measure the fluorescence intensity and the life time of Cy3 molecules deposited on arrays of silver nanopit arrays whose size and periods are varied systmatically. We found that the fluorescence enhancement and the life time of Cy3 molecules changes with the characteristic length of the array in a non-montonic manor. The minimum of life time occurred to the nanostructure where the fluorescent intensity is the maximum. We also varied the excitation laser power and characterized the fluorescent contrast between the Cy3 molecules on silver nanostructures and those on the flat silver film as a function of the excitation power. We found that the contrast decreased with the excitation laser power.

Keywords: nanostructures , fluorescence enhancement