Gas Sensor Fabricated by Zinc-Oxide Nanorods with High Temperature Hydrothermal
Jenn-Kai Tsai1, Jyun-Yang Tang1*, Ming-Yang Shiu1, Teen-Hang Meen1, Tian-Chiuan Wu1
1Department of Electronic Engineering, National Formosa University, Yunlin, Taiwan
* presenting author:Jyun Yang Tang,
In this reserch, Zinc-Oxide nanorods was prepared by high temperature hydrothermal method. Different from the traditional hydrothermal temperature of 90°C, the temperature which Zinc-Oxide prepared in this study was 130°C to 190°C. The Zinc-Oxide was analysised with FE-SEM, XRD, PL, UV-vis, high vacuum measurement system.The figure of SEM indicated that Zinc-Oxide prepared by different temperatures had different morphology and surface may affect the electronic transmission characteristics of Zinc-Oxide.The figure of XRD can be observed that the structure of the Zinc-Oxide prepared by different temperatures was single crystal.At high temperatures above 170°C, Zinc-Oxide nanorods will form a more subtle structure. It may be due to the growth of the reaction is too intense, resulting in a weak alkaline solution. The formation of fine structure allows the gas sensor to adsorb more gas adsorption amount, improve the response of the gas sensor.

Keywords: Gas sensor, Zinc-Oxide nanorods, high temperature hydrothermal