Establishment of a Low-Cost Thermal Neutron Detection System for Radiation Level Monitoring with High Sensitivity
Yu-Tan Chen1*, Min-Zu Wang1
1Department of Physics, National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan
* presenting author:Yu-Tan Chen,
The environmental safety affected by thermal neutrons becomes an issue these days due to the booming of proton therapy centers in Taiwan. A research and development effort is carried out locally to establish a low-cost thermal neutron detection system with high sensitivity.

The ⁶LiI crystal is chosen as the neutron sensor and the scintillation light produced in the LiI crystal is converted to charge signal by a photo-multiplier tube. A multi-channel/multi-function readout system is designed and produced based on the FPGA technique. Different radioactive sources have been used to check its performance. The achieved sensitivity is down to 0.01 uSv/hr and the cost is much less than 200k TWD per monitoring point.

Keywords: thermal neutron, ⁶LiI, PMT, FPGA