Design and Testing of 1.5 THz Cartridge-type Multi-pixel Receiver for Glt
Yen-Ru Huang1*, Chuang-Ping Chiu1, Yen-Yu Chiang1, Chun-Lun Wang1, Hsian-Hong Chang1, Tse-Jun Chen1, Ming-Jye Wang1
1Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics, Academia Sinica, Taipei, Taiwan
* presenting author:Yen-Ru Huang,
A novel design of four-pixel cartridge-type receiver for the Greenland Telescope (GLT) has been demonstrated here by using multiple local oscillator (LO) beams, a cold cartridge with three cooled stages, and a pluggable warm cartridge. The 1.5 THz LO beam is split into four uniform sub-beams by a power distributor module, then individual LO sub-beam arrives at a silicon lens with twin slot antenna (TSA) through a large-area beam splitter. An additional four-pixel HDPE lens is located at 120 mm in front of the silicon lens to increase the size of beam waist for fitting to the aperture parameter of sub-reflector. This design can match the optical parameters between Si/TSA and GLT antenna. The pixel number can be extended up to 9 based on the available LO power. The cryogenic testing of single-pixel design has been carried out. In the single-pixel design, the arrangements of cartridge are identical with the four-pixel model, except of the mixer block, the LO coupling module, and the number of IF channels. In this presentation, we report the design, assembly, analysis, and some testing results of the receiver cartridge.

Keywords: Multi-pixel, Receiver Cartridge, Greenland Telescope, HEB Mixers