Quantum Hall Effect in Few-Layer Graphenes
Thi-Nga Do1*, Cheng-Pong Chang2, Ming-Fa Lin1
1Dept. of Physics, National Cheng Kung University, Tainan, Taiwan
2Center for General Education, Tainan University of Technology, Tainan 701, Taiwan
* presenting author:Thi Nga Do, email:sofia90vn@gmail.com
The Quantum Hall Effect in few-layer graphene systems under magnetic field are studied using the tight-binding model and the gradient approximation method. The destruction of mirror symmetry in Sliding bilayer and AAB-stacked trilayer graphenes will induce the unusual Landau levels (LLs) in the magneto-electronic energy spectra and thus the unconventional Hall conductivity step structures. The Hall conductivity is quantized as σ_xy=ν e^2/h , where ν could be an integer or a non-integer, depending on the stacking configuration. The undefined LLs, the LL anti-crossings, and the special selection rules are expected to create the interesting Quantum Hall Effect.

Keywords: Quantum Hall Effect, Sliding bilayer graphene, AAB-stacked trilayer graphene, few-layer graphene, Tight-binding model