Photoconductivities in InSe Nanostructures
Hung-Wei Yang1*, Ching-Hwa Ho1, Ruei-San Chen1
1Graduate Institute of Applied Science and Technology, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Taipei, Taiwan
* presenting author:Hung-Wei Yang,
The electronic transport properties of indium selenide (InSe) layer nanomaterials with hexagonal single-crystalline structures grown by chemical vapor transport were investigated. The InSe nanostructures were prepared simply by mechanical exfoliation. Focused-ion beam (FIB) deposition was used to fabricate the ohmic contacts on InSe nanoglakes using platinum (Pt) as the contact metal. The InSe nanoflakes exhibit a remarkable photoresponse under different wavelength and intensity excitations. The photocurrent responsivity and photoconductive gain can reach 2.3Χ106 AW−1 and 5.5Χ106 respectively. The inherent efficiency of photoconductivity named normalized gain was also estimated and discussed. The probable photoconduction mechanism resulting in the superior photoconduction efficiency in InSe nanostructures was also investigated.

Keywords: InSe , nanoflake, photoconductivity