Study of Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Vortex
Hong-Yu Chu1*
1Department of Physics, National Chung Cheng University, ChiaYi, Taiwan
* presenting author:Hong-Yu Chu,
Atmospheric pressure plasma can be a good tool to study the liquid-gas-plasma interactions that enriches the studies in fluid dynamic problems and in aerodynamic problems. We give an example about how the atmospheric pressure plasma interacts with gas background. We report the transport of a vortex-shaped plasma in air by using a capacitively coupled dielectric barrier discharge system. A helium gas vortex is produced by the impact of the pneumatic piston. Different from the previous studies about producing toroidal-shaped plasma, we simply take advantage of the gas vortex being a membraneless ring-structured plasma chamber. A vortex-shaped plasma is generated and is capable of propagating for 3 cm. The presence of the plasma is found to retard the propagation of the gas vortex. At higher Reynolds number of the vortex, the ring-shaped plasma fluctuates. The fluctuation on the plasma ring shows a scaling relation with the Reynolds number of the vortex.

Keywords: plasma vortex, atmospheric pressure plasma