Parity-Time Symmetry in Rydberg Atoms
You-Lin Chuang1,2*, Ziauddin1,3, Ray-Kuang Lee1,2
1Institute of Photonics and Technologies, National Tsing Hua university, Hsinchu, Taiwan
2Physics Division, National Center for Theoretical Science, Hsinchu, Taiwan
3Department of Physics, COMSATS institute of information technology, Islamabad, Pakistan
* presenting author:You-Lin Chuang,
We propose a scheme to realize parity-time (PT) symmetry in an ensemble of Rydberg atoms which is consist of four-level inverse-Y type configuration. With strong dipole-dipole interactions between atoms, Rydberg blockade is formed and plays significant effect to modify the optical susceptibility of the system. In this scenario, we show that the real (imaginary) part of refractive index could be symmetric (anti-symmetric) in transverse spatial direction under some relevant parameters. PT symmetry condition can be satisfied in the Rydberg atomic system by controlling the field Rabi frequencies and detunings.

Keywords: parity-time symmetry, Rydberg atom