Large Area MoS2 Thin Film Growth In10 Nm Channel Length Transistor with Dosed Source/Drain First Technique
1半導體, 國家奈米元件實驗室, 新竹, Taiwan
* presenting author:Kai-Shin Li,
Transition metal dichalcogenides (TMD) material is one kind of promising 2 dimention (2D) semiconductor materials due to the significant potential beyond 7 nm CMOS generation. MoS_2/WSe_2 are now the most popular 2D semiconductor materials for NMOS/PMOS and specific noble metal such as Platinum (Pt), Gold (Au) and Palladium (Pd) are used for metal contact process to provide matched work function with TMD film. However, a compatible process with mainstream semiconductor manufacturing is still lack. A 10 nm gate length MoS_2 pMOSFET is proposed with dosed source/drain (S/D) technique for the first time. The whole device fabrication can be fully integrated in CMOS compatible process. The S/D first with n/p implant technique is employed to decide the n/p channel Fermi-level tuning at the same TMD layer. Further, the large area (> 10 μm) MoS_2 layers can be grown well along S/D edge. This 10 nm TMD MOSFET exhibits excellent performance (V_th = -0.7 V, DIBL < 83 mV/V, I_on/I_off > 10^5) for future low power CMOS technology application.

Keywords: MoS2, Transition metal dichalcogenides