Robust Sub-Millihertz-Level Offset Locking for Transferring Optical Frequency Accuracy and for Atomic Two-Photon Spectroscopy
陳亭儒1, 鄭王曜1*, 林佳緯1, 楊雅博1, 陳伯緯1, 許泓溢1
1物理系, 國立中央大學, 桃園, Taiwan
* presenting author:Wang-Yau Cheng,
Robust sub-millihertz-level offset locking was achieved with a simple scheme, by which we were able to transfer the laser frequency stability and accuracy from either cesium-stabilized diode laser or comb laser to the other diode lasers who had serious frequency jitter previously. The offset lock developed in this paper played an important role in atomic two-photon spectroscopy with which record resolution and new determination on the hyperfine constants of cesium atom were achieved. A quantum-interference experiment was performed to show the improvement of light coherence as an extended design was implemented.

Keywords: offset lock, sub-millihertz, two-photon transition, hyperfine constant, comb laser