Mechanical Vibration of Buckypaper Studied Using Microwave Resonator Sensors
張譽瀚1*, 謝元翔1, 郭華丞1, 劉日新2
1物理所, 國立中興大學, 台中市, Taiwan
2電機工程學系, 東海大學, 台中市, Taiwan
* presenting author:Yu-Han Chang,
We used complementary split ring resonator (CSRR) as a sensor for studying mechanical vibration of suspended buckypapers. CSRR is sensitive to capacitance change due to small position change of nearby conductive object. Made on ordinary printed circuit board, our CSRR frequency is 2.79GHz and quality factor is about 12. Buckypaper under study was a 80 um thin film made of entangled carbon nanotubes.
The vibration of buckypaper was driven by a loud speaker at acoustic frequencies. Because of the semiconducting property of buckypaper. when it is moved toward CSRR, the resonance frequency reduces. The frequency shift is as much as -600MHz when inter-distance is 0.5mm. When distance is larger than 0.5mm, the frequency shift grows exponentially as distance decreases, while at small distance, a log dependence was found. Real time change of microwave signal can be observed and buckypaper motion can be analyzed.

Keywords: buckypaper, mechanical vibration, split ring resonator, sensor