Correlation Between Crystal Structure and Magnetic Property in MnSe1-xSx System
Chun-Hao Huang1,2*, Kuan-Jen Wang2, Chung-Chieh Chang2, Kung-Hsuan Lin2, Maw-Kuen Wu2
1Department of Physics, National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan
2Institute of Physics, Academia Sinica, Taipei, Taiwan
* presenting author:Chun-Hao Huang,
MnP, under 8 GPa-pressure, was the first Mn-based material to be found as a superconductor with transition temperature of ~2 K [1]. It is thus intriguing whether other Mn-based materials could be superconductor. We synthesized and studied MnSe-based system, which possesses similar magnetic properties of MnP. Although MnSe binary compound have been research, the relationship between structure and complicated magnetic tendency in the system still doesn’t be solved clearly. In our research, the complicated magnetism in MnSe system (between 100 K to 200 K and 270 K) was suppressed by sulfur doping, but the superconductivity isn’t appeared. Moreover, as same as reference [2] mentions that the cubic structure in MnSe partially transforms to hexagonal structure at 270 K, and in our neutron diffraction pattern not only observe this structure transformation at 270 K but also magnetic structure at 150 K. Comparing with neutron diffraction of MnSe system, the x-ray diffraction pattern from in-house and NSRRC doesn’t indicate MnSe system with structure transformation nearly 270 K. However, this structure transformation and magnetism are also obviously observed in the heat capacity measurement of MnSe at 120 K and 270 K, respectively. Therefore, we measure the physical property, analyze the structure and ultrafast optical spectroscopy in order to investigate MnSe system deeply.
[1] Cheng, J. G., Matsubayashi, K., Wu, W., Sun, J. P., Lin, F. K., Luo, J. L., & Uwatoko, Y. (2015). Pressure induced superconductivity on the border of magnetic order in MnP. Physical review letters, 114(11), 117001.
[2] D'Sa, J. E., Bhobe, P. A., Priolkar, K. R., Das, A., Krishna, P. S. R., Sarode, P. R., & Prabhu, R. B. (2004). Low temperature magnetic structure of MnSe.Pramana, 63(2), 227-232.

Keywords: MnSe, magnetism