The Fabrication of Readily Oxidizable Metal Nanoparticles
Y. T. Chung1*, C. C. Lee1, Y. H. Shan1, C. R. Wang1
1Department of Applied Physics, Tunghai University, Taichung, Taiwan
* presenting author:Yin Tzu Chung,
In this researcher, the metallic nanoparticles were fabricated under liquid environment by laser ablation and electrical discharge machining (EDM). These methods have been proven feasible which are rapid and efficient for the fabrication of alloy-nanoparticles or element metal nanoparticles. Some readily oxidizable metal (La, Tb, Dy) nanoparticles were coated with collodion under N₂ to avoid oxidization. We find the unoxidized nanoparticles were obtained by the identify of HRTEM and XRD method. The influence on average size of these nanoparticle should be discussed for these different manufacturing process.

Keywords: readily oxidizable metal nanoparticles, electrical discharge machining, liquid laser ablation