High-Throughput Sub-3Nm Lithography by Self-Shrinking Dielectric Mask
楊博軒1*, 鄭伯賢1, 高振宏1, 陳敏璋1
1material science and engineering, national taiwan university, taipei, Taiwan
* presenting author:Po Shuan Yang, email:f01527042@ntu.edu.tw

The lithography below 10 nm is an important technology for the next-generation high-performance nanosensing, photonic, and computing devices. However, it is very difficult to realize sub-3nm patterns using conventional lithography. Here we propose a completely original and novel concept, termed self-shrinking dielectric mask lithography (SDML), to fabricate sub-3nm patterns with a prominently high throughput. Instead of focusing the electron and ion beams or light to an extreme scale, SDML relies on a hard dielectric mask which will shrink the critical dimension of nanopatterns during the ion irradiation. With SDML, we can surpass other high-resolution lithography techniques to achieve a linewidth as low as 2.1 nm along with a phenomenal aspect ratio in the sub-10nm scale. In addition, numerous patterns with assorted shapes can be fabricated simultaneously by SDML, thus exhibiting a high throughput. As a result, SDML can be widely applied in the fields which need extreme nanoscale patterning with a high throughput.

Keywords: nanotechnology, lithography