Young Planetary Mass Objects in Taurus Cloud L1495
姜博識1*, 陳文屏1, Bhavana Lalchand1, Beth Biller2, Loic Albert3, Katelyn Allers4, Jessy Jose5
1天文所, 中央大學, 桃園, Taiwan
2皇家天文台, 愛丁堡大學, 愛丁堡, UK
3系外行星研究所, 蒙特婁大學, 蒙特婁, Canada
4物理與天文系, 巴克內爾大學, 賓夕法尼亞, USA
5科維里天文與天文物理研究所, 北京大學, 北京, China
* presenting author:Poshih Chiang,
We present the latest result of our W-band survey with CFHT/WIRCam. Substellar
candidates were selected with J-, H-, and W-band photometry. We tested our selection criteria with a sample of substellar objects and stars in IC348 and Taurus and found the
accuracy to be better than 75%. Using the JHW photometry alone, two new L-type
objects in Serpens have been confirmed in spectroscopic followup this July.
More candidates in Taurus are going to be observed with IRTF followup in the
end of December. The spectra of observed candidates will also be presented in
this talk.

Keywords: brown dwarf