The Sensitivity of B Meson to pΣ⁰γ in the Belle Experiment
Kunxian Huang1*, Min-Zu Wang1
1Physics, National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan
* presenting author:Kunxian Huang,
The Belle experiment, running at the KEKB e^{+}e^{-} asymmetric energy collider, achieved its original objective of measuring precisely differences between B meson and anti-B meson. After collecting 1052 fb^{−1} of data at various Υ resonances, the BELLE experiment observed many physics results from the B meson decays.
Baryonic decay of B->pΣ⁰γ is contributed from the electromagnetic penguin process of b->sγ. The fraction is predicted to be order of 10^{-9} which is too small to be observed in BELLE. Recently, there is theory of pole model framework contributing the decay of B->pΣ⁰γ, and the fraction is predicted to be order of 10^{-7}. The new theory gave the BELLE experiment a motivation to measure the decay mode. This talk reports the study of search for B->pΣ⁰γ and gives its sensitivity of fraction of the decay mode in the Belle experiment.

Keywords: Belle, B meson