Single Crystal Growth and Quantum Oscillations of TaAs and ZrSiS with Extremely Large Magnetoresistance
Peramaiyan Ganesan1*, Raman Sankar1,2
1Institute of Physics, Academia Sinica, Taipei, Taiwan
2Centre for condensed matter sciences, National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan
* presenting author:Peramaiyan Ganesan,
High-quality single crystals of TaAs and ZrSiS were synthesized using a chemical vapor transport technique using I2 as transport agent. From the reaction enthalpy and entropy , the optimal growth condition was estimated at 1323 K from the van’t Hoff’s equation for TaAs crystal. ARPES study revealed the Fermi arc surface states with different shaped features such as a long elliptical contour around each point, a bowtie-shaped contour around each point, and a crescent-shaped feature near the midpoint of each line of TaAs and different shape of Fermi surface such as diamond-shaped Fermi surface, an elliptical-shaped Fermi surface, and a small electron pocket, encircling the zone center (Γ) point, the M point, and the X point of the BZ of ZrSiS were identified. The temperature dependence of electrical resistivity at zero magnetic field exhibits a metallic behavior but becomes insulating at low temperature in magnetic fields higher than 3 Tesla. Unsaturated and extremely large MR about 328993% and 8500% were found for TaAs and ZrSiS crystals, respectively.

Keywords: ARPES, Magnetoresistance, Quantum Oscillations