High Heat Load Components Development in Tps Using CuCrZr Alloy
I. C. Sheng1*, C. C. Chang1, C. K. CHan1, C. Shueh1, L. H. Wu1
1Vacuum Group, NSRRC, HsinChu, Taiwan
* presenting author:Albert Sheng, email:shengic@nsrrc.org.tw
Taiwan Photon Source (TPS) project in National Syn-chrotron Radiation Research Centre (NSRRC) has reached 500mA design goal. Several upgrades and design enhancements are also under development. CuCrZr cop-per alloy has been selected to examine its UHV compati-bility, machinability and high heat load sustainability as one of the upgrade activities. Most importantly, the ab-sorber is made entirely by CuCrZr (including two end flanges) and installed in the mid-section of double mini-mum of tandem EPU48 undulators to shadow beam miss-steered synchrotron radiation from upstream EPU. Both the result and fabrication time (without brazing) are promising.

Keywords: CuCrZr, high heat load components, Synchrotron radiation, synchrotron accelerator, NSRRC