Stress of M-plane GaN Epitaxial Layer Grown on β-LiGaO2 (100) by Plasma-Assisted Molecular Beam Epitaxy
Shuo-Ting You1*, Ikai Lo1, Huei-Jyun Shih1, Hui-Chun Hang2, Mitch M.C. Chou2
1物理所, 國立中山大學, 高雄, Taiwan
2材料與光電學系, 國立中山大學, 高雄, Taiwan
* presenting author:Shuo-Ting You,
We have investigated the stress of M-plane GaN grown on β-LiGaO2 (100 ) by plasma-assisted molecular beam epitaxy.
The X-ray diffraction exhibited high purity phase M-plane GaN was grown on β-LiGaO2 (100). From strain analyses of M-plane GaN on β-LiGaO2 show the lattice strain and estimated anisotropic stresses by transmission electron microscope. The micro-Raman scattering indicated in-plane biaxial stress of 0.55 GPa in M-plane GaN thin film . Based on experimental results, the compressive stress is major reason to decease quality of M-plane epilayer.

Keywords: M-plane, GaN, LiGaO2, MBE, stress