Studying on Synthesis of NiPt-alloycore@Ptshell @ Aucluster Nanocrystal Structure and Their Impact on Oxygen Reduction
賴彥鈞1*, 陳燦耀2
1先進光源科技學位學程 工科組, 國立清華大學, Hsinchu, Taiwan
2工程與系統科學, 國立清華大學, Hsinchu, Taiwan
* presenting author:Yen Chun Lai,
The wet chemical reduction method is employed for synthesizing NiPt alloycore-Ptshell-Aucluster structured nanocrystal (NC) in top of carbon nanotubes. The sodium borohydride is reducing agent for control the crystal growth rate. The oxygen reduction reaction (ORR) activity measurement indicates that adding controlling Au concentration and distribution will enhance the NiPt@Pt activities. Experimental results showed that the ORR activity of NiPt@Pt@Au NC is controlled by local strain and the electronic dipole. Furthermore, the electrocatalysts with NiPt@Pt@Au structure exhibit high mass activities (MA : 694.49 mA•mgPt-1) and high kinetic current density (Jk : 75 mA•cm-2) while minimizing precious metals content.

Keywords: electrocatalysts, the oxygen reduction reaction, NiPt alloycore-Ptshell-Aucluste